ReUp Education's Adult Learner Series

Demystifying the Adult Learner: The FAFSA® is not enough

When it comes to financing a degree, the traditional approaches and opportunities can fall short in serving adult learners. In this downloadable resource, we share insights and recommendations from our work with our partners on how higher-ed institutions can support adult learners beyond the traditional financial aid resources.

More than 50 higher-ed institutions have partnered with ReUp to bring their students back. See how ReUp can help you engage your stopout students at scale and with success.


Value for Higher Ed Institutions
ReUp's solution has helped our partners recapture over $55 million in tuition revenue.


No Upfront Costs
ReUp is only compensated for successful outcomes. There are no implementation, technology, or hidden fees. We can get started re-enrolling students in 6 weeks.



Improve Re-enrollment and Graduation Rates
We provide personalized success coaching paired with technology & data to focus on re-enrolling your stopout students at scale. ReUp has helped more than 3500 students complete their degrees in the last 4 years.

Demystifying the Adult Learner: The FAFSA® is not enough

“What we feel like students need is a support person that can really dedicate some time to determining the specific barriers they’re facing, help them overcome them, and also navigate their way through the system.” 

- Evan Pauken, Director of Retention and Completion

Kalamazoo Valley Community College


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