Do You Monitor FAFSA Renewals as Apart of Your Enrollment Trends?

ReUp Ad linkedin FAFSA

Applications for federal financial aid (FAFSA) have experienced a decline of 16% in the last year attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic according to this report.  This decline in applications for federal student aid raises concerns that the pandemic may exacerbate equity gaps in college accessibility for vulnerable student groups. Making the journey back to college even more burdensome.

Getting back on track for some students can be arduous, time-consuming, and frustrating. At ReUp we have an ecosystem of connectivity that allows us to connect with your stopped students and enable them to realize their college completion goals. Our tech-enabled service combined with individualized success coaching allows us to exclusively focus on your stopped out students.  It’s not too late to re-enroll your students for fall 2021 and provide indispensable resources for your students. 

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